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Stac Plastic was founded in 1969 by the current President Vittorino Montini.

From the origins to the present, it has always distinguished itself in the world of aerosol products for quality and consistency .

The activity of Stac Plastic is based on the development and production of chemical products, focusing its work on two main product groups:

• Industrial release agents for plastic molding, liquids and aerosols.

• Technical products, aerosols and liquids for cars, bikes, and maintenance industry.

All activities are carried out on their own ( formulation and production) in the main plant in Settimo Torinese, where about thirty workers are employed in the sector.

In 1999 we obtained the certification of the quality system according to ISO 9002 in 2001 to today our procedures meet the standards of the certification 9001:2000.

In 1999, Stac Plastic has opened a division in Brazil, with the objective to follow, at the international level, the main customers of the automotive industry.

Stac Plastic, produces its own brand and with "private label" and ships its products worldwide.


Statement of corporate policy for quality ' of the STAC PLASTIC Srl

The primary objective of Stac Plastic is the consolidation and development of its position in the sector of industrial release agents and car-care products .

In view of technological developments and competitive in the market, and the specific performance requirements of the products, it was decided to promote and give evidence to a suitable Quality Policy , scheduling regular monitoring of production cycles and product traceability.

To do this , was prepared a quality manual , the requirements and procedures for implementation of the activities described , outlining the policy that the Company intends to promote and ensure, about the quality of the products.

In addition, the involvement of all the workers, creating awareness and sharing of objectives in each individual operator.

This is the thinking of Mr. Montini

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